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The travel planner and travel manager for those who have fun organizing their own trip.

Application created in Quebec

With the Planning Motion web application you will have at the same place :


"The most beautiful trip is the one you're currently planning."

(inspired by a quote from Loïck Peyron)
Preparing a trip with the Web Planning Motion application

Accommodation, activities, car rentals, flights and other travel information are grouped together in one place.

Keep track of all your information about accommodations, activities, car rentals, flights or any other information related to planning your trip.

Planning Motion's Travel Planner will help you get well organized so you can quickly and easily access everything you've been taking note of: contact information, booking information, and even the documents you've downloaded.

Your travel expenses at a glance, converted into one single currency.

Planning Motion's Travel Planner makes it easy for you to make and track your budget.

If you make reservations and down deposits in different currencies, you will be able to see at a glance where you stand in your budget and in addition you have the possibility to convert it into the currency of your choice

Planning Motion's Travel Planner will even allow you to determine the total amount in domestic currency you will need for the purchases and expenses you plan to make locally.

Interactive PLANNING MOTION Calendar

Visualise ton voyage dans un calendrier interactif  et crée ton itinéraire sur une carte.

You can view and reorder the stages of your journey in a calendar by simply dragging items from one box to another.

Le planificateur de voyages Planning Motion génère facilement pour toi sur Google Maps le tracé de l’itinéraire que tu as créé
Tu peux aussi aller directement de Planning Motion sur le site Rome2rio pour savoir combien de temps il faut et quel est le meilleur moyen de transport pour te rendre d’un point à un autre. 

You know exactly what you have left to plan for your trip. 

Planning statuses such as "in preparation", "ready for booking", "to modify", make it easy to find your way through the various stages of planning and organizing your trip.

For example, you will know precisely that you have not yet chosen any accommodation or that it is time to book an activity.

Young couple preparing their trip with the application PLANNING MOTION

The Planning Motion Facebook group


A community of travelers who want to discuss travel planning.


Le groupe 🌎  Rêve.Planifie.Explore 🌏 de Planning Motion est une communauté de voyageurs qui désirent discuter de planification de voyage et de préparation d'itinéraires.

Be part of the creation of a new community of travelers who want to discuss travel planning and itinerary preparation.

A community of travelers for whom planning a trip is not only about taking a car and leaving or buying a plane ticket and booking accommodations.

In this group, travel planning is one of our hobbies.

A hobby that allows you to start traveling long before you go on a trip.

A hobby that allows you to plan your trips even if you don't know when you'll be traveling.

You will find resources for your research, destination guides and we will regularly organize "live" exchanges to discuss destinations and itineraries.

To join the Facebook group (in french) : click here.


All your travel information grouped together in one place.

Don't leave anything out.

In the Planning Motion's Travel Planner you can note any relevant information about anything you need to plan before departure: travel insurance, visas, vaccinations, purchase of foreign currency, passport or international driver's license.

Share your travels with other Planning Motion members.

You have the possibility to import itineraries prepared by other users of Planning Motion and to customize them afterwards. You can also export your trips to inspire or share your researches with other Planning Motion's users.

All information gleaned from the web can be kept in a notebook.

With the MY NOTEBOOK functionality of Planning Motion you can keep all the information found during your research, even if it is not associated with a particular trip.

In the Planning Motion travel planner, you can save information about places, accommodations, activities or other travel elements that you want to keep so you can build your next itineraries later.

Planning assistance.

The Planning Motion Travel Planner calculates your departure date based on your arrival date and the number of days you will spend on your trip or in a stage of your trip.

The Planning Motion Travel Planner’s Integrated Expense Calculator will, among other things, help you determine the total amount of your car, accommodation or meal rental costs.

Planning Motion est un planificateur de voyage intelligent qui t'avertit lorsque certains éléments de ta planification entrent en conflit les uns avec les autres.

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