About us

We are Nathalie and Olivier and we live in beautiful Quebec City in Canada.

We've travelled in all kinds of ways. Over the last 15 years, between a few stays in France and a cruise to Alaska and another to South America, we have mainly done road trips with our travel trailer across the United States.

We run the Zath-Trotter Blog Zath-Trotter (blog in frnach) and we created the travel planner PLANNING MOTION.

The team:

Nathalie : ex-ski bum, hiker, project Manager, geek: our travel planning expert.

Olivier : ex-backpacker, hiker, image creator, king of orientation and itineraries, driver of our 52 feet rig (travel trailer - pickup truck): The Captain Driver !

Nathalie et Olivier-À propos de nous_ planificateur de voyages Planning Motion

We haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on our list.

Ok, mais pourquoi une application de planification de voyages ?

We have developed the App we needed to prepare our trips!

To organize our trips, we like many, used Excel or Word to keep track of everything.  But in preparation and especially when we decided to make changes to the itinerary, making changes became really very laborious.

We also used a calendar that synchronizes to the web. That was a little better, but it still wasn't good enough.

We tried project management software, but they were too complex and not at all suitable for travel.

We found sites that offer planning tools. At first interesting, they quickly become very frustrating by being very inflexible in allowing us to add only the travel elements reserved or offered by their platform.

When we met other travellers on the road, we realized that many of them had come to the same conclusions and were looking for exactly the same thing to organize their trip as we were.

So, you probably see where we're going with this?

We decided to create the application we wanted : Planning Motion.

An application that gives a lot of flexibility to organize all kinds of trips. An application just as efficient as a project management software but much more user-friendly. A travel planner that does not constrain us to use it only with the services offered by affiliated partners.


So if like us you enjoy preparing your trips in the finest details and like to be well organized, you definitely will love Planning Motion.


Watch a demo :Guide de démarrage de l’application de planification de voyage  PLANNING MOTION

Ok, allow us to take a little more of your time.

We do like planning!

First, you have to accept the idea that there is no right or wrong way to travel, there are simply as many different styles of travel as there are personalities. 
So our style is to organize our trips well 😉
Even if the preparation stage of a trip is not an easy task, we take the time necessary to do our research in order to build a coherent itinerary, find activities to do, accommodations and find any other information relevant to your trip.
All the information gathered allows us to have a clear vision of the trip we are preparing and to establish our budget.
This time spent planning our trip undoubtedly helps us to make good decisions and not to forget anything. And since no one can predict the unpredictable, good planning also allows us to better manage and minimize any problems that may arise during a trip.
Planning a trip doesn't necessarily mean not leaving room for the unexpected, on the contrary. In our experience, it is often easier to change plans and make informed decisions when we have a good idea of the implications of these changes.
Preparing for a trip is not an obstacle course race. The planning stage is as enjoyable for us as the journey itself.

Good planning helps us to travel better, save money, save time and make every moment of our trip memorable.

Ok, allow us to take a little more of your time.

Let's talk a little about Planning Motion.

In preparation and during your trip.
Planning Motion is a planning and travel management application for travellers who enjoy planning their trip by themselves.
In Planning Motion you can :
Collect and keep trackof all information on accommodations, activities, car rentals, flights or any other information related to trip planning, all in one single place.
Build consistent itineraries thanks to alerts that warn you when certain elements of your planning conflict with each other.
Create and manage your budget, which can be converted into the currency of your choice.
Manage and visualizeyour trip in an interactive calendar.
Create your itinerary on a map (Google Maps)
Know exactly what you have left to prepare for your trip with our planning status indicators.
Create your itinerary and plan how long you'll be at each place you plan to stop Planning Motion calculates your departure date based on your arrival date and the number of days of your trip or a stage of your trip

-You can have your trip plan on your cell phone. Planning Motion lets you create a KML file of your trip in a single click, which is compatible with applications such as Google My Maps, Maps.Me and Garmin GPS devices.

-You can keep all the information collected during your research in the NOTEBOOK. Places, accommodations, activities or other travel elements you'd like to keep a note of to plan future trips.
You won't need hours of training to familiarize yourself with Planning Motion. It's an intuitive application, designed to make planning and organizing your trips as easy and personalized as possible.
Planning Motion will help you to have a clear vision of the trip in preparation.  Warnings help to anticipate potential planning problems such as conflicts in activity schedules or accommodation reservations.
Our goal is to make your travel planning as efficient as possible, while maintaining a flexible approach so that each user can adapt it according to your needs.

We're currently developing other improvements and functionalities that we'll be adding to the app on a regular basis to make your travel experience even more enjoyable. We'll let you know in our newsletter as soon as they're available.

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Ok, allow us to take a little more of your time.

Plan well to travel better.


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