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à propos de l'application de planification de voyages PLANNING MOTION

No download or installation from the App Store or Google Play is required to use the application.

Planning Motion is a web application designed to be used with any web browser, and is fully optimized for use on a computer or tablet

Despite the fact that aécran d’un Téléphone , some people still use it on their mobile phone, but we don't necessarily recommend it ..

That said,, when you travel, you'll be able to have with you, on your phone, everything you've planned, on PDF format, by creating your own travel notebook from Planning Motion.

Tu as aussi la possibilité d’envoyer ta planification de Planning Motion planning to mapping applications on your phone such as Google Maps and

To find out more about Planning Motion's features, I encourage you to watch our YouTube tutorials:

https://Getting Started

Planificateur de voyage Planning Motion / Trip planer

Yes and no: let me explain!
Yes Planning Motion is a web-based application. To log in to your Planning Motion account, plan a trip or make changes you must have Internet access..
No, but yes Planning Motion makes it easy to transfer your trip planning to a cell phone..
Before you actually begin your trip, you can create a KML file of your entire trip at the click of a button which is compatible with applications such as Google My Maps* Maps.Me (also works offline) and Garmin GPS units.
By uploading all your planning prepared in Planning Motion to these applications on his phone, not only will you have access during your trip access during your trip to all the information you have entered in Planning Motionbut you will also be ab pourra profiter, pendant ton voyage, de toutes to take advantage, during your trip, of all the features offered by these mapping applicationincluding s such as geolocation.
No : You can also access your planning without an Internet connection simply by creating a a PDF file of your trip or by using the Maps.Me application.
*Google My Maps maps created on a computer are automatically transferred to the Google Map application on a mobile device.

FAQ_ planificateur de voyages PLANNING MOTION

Yes, with Planning Motion's TRAVEL BOOK feature you can create a PDF file of your trip. You can then print out your TRAVEL BOOK, or save it locally on your cell phone to be able to access it without an Internet connection.

All the stops, activities, accommodations booking informations and notes you have entered in Planning Motion will be in your TRAVEL BOOK.

Before you set off on your tripuse the TRANSFER TO MAPPING APPLICATION feature... In just one click, Planning Motion creates a file (KML) that can be used to transfer your travel information on your cell phone to mapping applications such as Maps.Me and Google Maps.
You'll be able to access on your smartphone, all the notes and information you've written in the planner, and you'll also be able to access all the functions offered by these mapping applications, such as such as geolocation.
Note: when using the Maps.Me application, you even have off-line access to all your planning...

FAQ_ planificateur de voyages PLANNING MOTION

No. Planning Motion is not a booking platform. You won't be able to book air tickets, accommodation or even a rental car on our platform.

Planning Motion is a web-based travel planning and management application that allows you to gather all your travel information in one place, regardless of where you made your reservations.

We prefer not to partner with any service providers, because we wanted you to be able to plan your trips with Planning Motion in complete confidence and autonomy.

FAQ_ planificateur de voyages PLANNING MOTION

Yes, you can access your Planning Motion account from any web browser on your tablet, as long as you have an internet connection.

Even though the Planning Motion web planner is optimized for computers and laptops,it works very well on all tablets, so you can easily prepare, modify or consult a trip.

It's very important to point out that due to the small size of cell phones, using Planning Motion on a phone will be very difficult and laborious, but it could be manageable once you're very familiar with the application.

PLANNING MOTION | Travel planner

No. By gathering all your information in your Planning Motion account, you won't need other tools like Excel, Word, a calendar or your email box to plan your trip.

In Planning Motion you can gather all the information related to the preparation of your trip, create itineraries, establish and follow your budget converted into the currency of your choice and much more.

FAQ_ planificateur de voyages PLANNING MOTION

We have a startup guide that will guide you through the features of the application and help you prepare your first trip.

You can watch it on this page below.⬇︎ (only in French at the moment)?

We will be adding more videos on a regular basis.  

Click on this link to see more videos on our YouTube channel.

And of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about using the Travel Planner. We're always her

Sorry! The Get started guides are In French : the English version is coming soon.

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