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Some answers to your questions

about the Travel Planner PLANNING MOTION

No. Planning Motion is not a booking platform. You will therefore not be able to book plane tickets, accommodation or even a rental car on our platform.

Planning Motion is a web-based travel planning and management application that allows you to gather all your travel information in one place, regardless of where you made your reservations.

We preferred to avoid any partnership with any service provider, because we wanted you to be able to organize your trips with Planning Motion freely.

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Yes, with Planning Motion's TRAVEL BOOK feature, you can create a PDF file of your trip. You can then print out your TRAVEL BOOK or view it on your mobile device.

All the stages, activities, accommodation bookings, information and notes that you have entered in Planning Motion will be in your TRAVEL BOOK.

In addition, we are currently developing a mobile application that will allow you to synchronize all your travel information on your mobile device.

By using this application, you will be able to have a digital version of your TRAVEL BOOK instead of a paper version.

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Oui, tu peux accéder à ton compte Planning Motion depuis un navigateur web sur ta tablette.

Même si le planificateur web Planning Motion est optimisé pour les ordinateurs et les portables, celui-ci fonctionne très bien sur toutes les tablettes.

Il est très important de noter qu’en raison de la petite taille des téléphones portables, l’utilisation de Planning Motion sur un téléphone sera très difficile et laborieuse, mais que cela pourrait être faisable une fois tu seras très familier avec l’application.

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No. By gathering all your information in your Planning Motion account, you won't need other tools such as Excel, Word, a calendar or your email inbox to plan your trip.

 In Planning Motion you can gather all the information related to the preparation of your trip, create itineraries, establish and follow your budget converted into the currency of your choice and much more.

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Yes. Planning Motion is a web application. To access your Planning Motion account, you must have Internet access.
On the other hand, Planning Motion allows you to create a PDF file of your TRAVEL BOOK that you can download to your computer or mobile device. You can then view your travel information in the form of your TRAVEL BOOK without the need for Internet access.

FAQ_ planificateur de voyages PLANNING MOTION

We have a startup guide that will guide you through the features of the application and help you prepare your first trip.

You can watch it on this page below.⬇︎ (only in French at the moment)?


We will be adding more videos on a regular basis.  

Click on this link to see more videos on our YouTube channel.

Plan well to travel better.