Plan well to travel better.

The most beautiful trip is the one you are currently planning.

Planning Motion is a new web-based travel planning application that allows travelers to plan and manage all their trips in one place.

This application allows the user to easily create itineraries and then view them in an interactive calendar and on a Google Maps©.

  • Planning Motion is a new web-based travel planning application that lets travelers plan and manage all their trips in one place.
  • This application, available in English and French, allows the user to easily create itineraries and then see them in a interactive calendar and on a Google Maps©.
  • Planning Motion allows, among other things, to get the following : :
    • all its expense estimates converted into the currency of its choice,
    • warnings to highlight possible conflicts in the planning,
    • planning lists to always know where you are in the process of preparation of your trip,
    • un fichier PDF formaté en « cahier de voyage ».
  • En plus de fonctionnalités spécifiques à l’organisation d’un voyage comme :
    • date change tool,
    • Sharing and exchange of trips between users
    • the wallet for tracking foreign currency purchases,
    • Tracking cash expenses by currency,
    • the travel kit and create checklist,
    • the notebook to store information for unscheduled or future trips,
    • personalized list of websites commonly used for planning,
    • Rome2Rio© integration
  • Planning Motion is neither a booking platform nor a search site.On the contrary, it is a platform to gather in an orderly way all the information that comes from different sources and that is essential to the organization of a trip.
  • For Planning Motion users the planning of a trip becomes simple and efficient, For the users of Planning Motion the preparation of a trip becomes simple and effective, no matter what type of trip it is working on.
  • For each of his trips, he can decide to plan, in a summary way, only the main lines of his itinerary or to organize all the stages in detail.
  • The application does not impose a specific way of planning , and the user will have all the tools to plan the way he wants.
  • No matter if he is preparing a road trip, a backpacking trip, a cruise or any other type of trip, the user will have access to all his travel information and planning tools in a single application.
  • With Planning Motion,the user will no longer need to copy and paste between the tools he uses to organize his trips such as an Excel or Word file, a calendar, a map. No more laborious changes!
  • With Planning Motion, the user  will only have to enter his information once, in one place to then see it displayed in a calendara Google Maps in an expense page with currency conversion or even change with a few clicks the dates of his trip and at the same time all the dates of the stages of his itinerary if he wishes.
  • With Planning Motion, trip planning is not a chore, it becomes a hobby!
  • Our motto: "The most beautiful trip is the one you are currently planning."
  • Planning Motion is a web based application that is accessible from a computer's web browser.There is no installation or update to do.
  • To access the application, users must first create an account.
  • Each user has their own dedicated space and will have an exclusive access to it by logging in to Planning Motion's secure login page using their email address and the password they created when creating their account.
  • Although the application was designed for optimal use on a computer,it can also be accessed on the web browser of a tablet.
  • However, while still possible, the experience of using it on a cell phone is not very good.
  • It is required to have an internet connection to access the Planning Motion application.
  • However, it is possible to generate in 1 click a PDF « Cahier de voyage » that includes all the information that the user will have added when preparing his trip in the application. Users can print the PDF or save it on his computer or mobile device for offline access..
  • Users will have the choice between 2 subscription plans: Excursion or Evasion
  • The Excursion plan is freeIt gives access to all the features of the application, but users are limited in the amount of trips, stops, accommodations or activities they can add to their itinerary. This is a good way to try the application for free or to prepare a short travel itinerary.
  • The Escape Plan unlocks the limits of the free plan. With an annual subscription of $60 + taxes, users will be able to create as many trips as they want.
  • To see the list of features and compare the 2 subscriptions plans:
  • If Evasion users choose not to renew their annual subscription, they can revert to the free subscription. They will still have access to all the information added during their paid subscription, but they will no longer be able to edit or add to it. When ever they decide to re-subscribe to the Escape Plan.They will regain the ability to add and modify their information, which will obviously still be there in the Planning Motion account.
  • The Planning Motion web application was created by 2 Quebecers with a passion for travel.
  • Nathalie Bergeron and Olivier Ratheau decided in March 2017 to develop the app they had long dreamed of for planning their trips.
  • After the development and testing phases, Nathalie and Olivier had chosen to make the application available to all on March 8, 2020.
  • The unpredictable pandemic obviously had an impact on the launch of Planning Motion. Nathalie and Olivier chose to simply continue, as they intend to do in the future anyway, to improve the application and add new features.
  • Since the beginning of 2021, a growing community of Planning Motion users is being built. A community of travelers who were also looking for such a tool to plan their trips.


All the information about the features of the application and the differences between the two subscriptions.


Tutorials are available on Planning Motion's YouTube channel to make it easier to master.

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The Facebook group Dream.Plan.Explore to exchange with travelers who like to plan and share their trips. (in French)


Planning Motion support center where you will find the user guide, help articles and tips and tricks to prepare a trip with the application.

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Free digital book. The 6 questions to ask yourself when choosing your next destination. (In French)

Online Conference

A free practical conference, which explains in a simple way an approach to organize your trip from A to Z.

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